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Diploma In Dialysis Technology

Diploma In Dialysis Technology

The primary aim of IPMT has always been to create a knowledge based society that can sustain development and growth at a compatible pace, to create a better and trained work force which can lead the country to a greater height and to alleviate unemployment.

The Institute of Para-Medical Sciences & Management has been affiliated to and recognised by the Institute of Paramedical, Management & Technology (IPMT), New Delhi 111 074 to run and conduct its various Courses under their able guidance, supervision and control, to improve the socio-economic condition of our country through continuous effort in educating the general masses by providing various types of Highly Job Oriented Courses. These Courses are technical in nature and there is a need of proper training and Practical Exposure is necessary.

A method of removing toxic substances (impurities of wastes) from the blood where the Kidneys are unable to do so. Most frequently used for the Patients who have Kidney Failure, but may also be used to quickly remove drugs or poisons in acute situations. This technique can be life saving in people with acute or chronic kidney failure.

    Methods of Dialysis :
  • Hemodialysis : A Sialysis process which requires a machine to transport the blood and dialysing fluid on either side of a semi-permeable membrane to effect the removal of toxic metabolites and excess water.

      Haemodialysis Access :
    • Subclavian and femoral catheter.
    • External arteriovenous Shunt.
    • Internal arteriovenous fistula.
    • Internal arteriovenous graft.
  • Peritoneal Dialysis :
    • Peritonealcavity: reservoir for dialysis.
    • Peritoneum: semipermeablemembrane across which excess body fluid and solutes are removed.
    • Polyurethane or silicon catheter.
    • Dialysis Technicians are highly required in all the Dialysis Centres of the Hospital.
    • You can also start your own Dialysis Centre.
    • You can also get the job in Foreign Countries (Abroad) with handsome Salary.
  • ABOUT COURSE: Diploma, B. Sc. in Dialysis Technology and M. Sc. in Dialysis Technology .
  • DIPLOMA: One Year, after 10th/12th.
  • BACHELOR’S DEGREE: Three Years, after 12th AND after DIPLOMA Two Years.
  • MASTERS DEGREE: Two Years, after Graduation (B. Sc.).